Caleb Carter

Creator and Host

This podcast was created out of a love for writing and storytelling. Both of these endeavors have always felt so rewarding to me. Whether that means taking real life events that played out over the course of years and condensing them into 20 minute episodes, or writing stories based solely on the contents of my imagination. I plan to give you a little of both.

The concept of this podcast grew from watching movies, documentaries, and reading about people who did things that were in between right and wrong. That grey area where, maybe their actions were wrong…but the reasoning or motivations behind them were good…or at the very least, understandable. It made me wonder….do things or people have to be either right or wrong? Good or bad? Why can’t something or someone be both?

There’s also the kind of person who lives a life of misdeeds and the flair or charm in which they live with, causes you to root for them anyway. 

If you’ve ever watched Oceans 11, you were probably hoping the group of likable thieves pulled off their grand scheme. Or if you saw the The Wolf on Wallstreet, it was hard not to like Leanordo Dicaprio as  Jordan Belfort…even as he ripped off client after client. What is it about certain people that allows you to ignore what they’ve done, and root for them anyway? How many people are there like this in real life?

These questions have lead to many debates with friends and ultimately to this podcast. With each episode, I’m going to tell you a story about someone whose actions were wrong, but understandable if not admirable on some level. Most of these stories will be factual and some will be fictional short stories, written by me. Hopefully they’ll all be thought provoking and encourage you to look at a given situation from a different perspective.
By definition, an antihero is a character in a story who may do heroic things but lacks conventional heroic attributes. They may be intelligent, courageous,….even selfless….but the combination of these attributes manifest themselves to fulfill a purpose that, on one hand is motivated by good intentions, but on the other hand, is morally incorrect. 
This podcast tells the stories of people who all have something in common. They are people we empathize with or root for… sometimes because of what they did, and sometimes in spite of it.